Why Real Estate Works?

Unlike other Real Estate Agencies who's focus and motivation are hampered by their constant drive to drum up listings and sell property, Real Estate Works is a family owned business focused on looking after your investment and maximising your return.

Real Estate Works is unique in that we have a fully qualified builder, plumber, drainer and gas-fitter on staff to ensure your property is looked after properly and maintained to the highest possible standard at no extra cost to you. This means we can easily assess the property to make sure no unnecessary work is carried out and check that all work is completed in a professional manner so we can safeguard your investment and minimise your expenses.

Our approach to caring for your property is simple. We're available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We have state-of-the-art tenant selection procedures using tenant databases to help us qualify applicants and quickly find the right tenants for your property. A hands-on approach to management means we get to know you and your tenants and are on top of any new developments. Last but not least we believe in keeping in touch and letting you, as the owner, know whats happening with your property.


Boutique Sales

Because Real Estate Works is focused on strong property management, our boutique sales division caters exclusively to our clients. So, whether you're considering selling, monitoring your equity, refinancing or just looking for advice on the market, we are there to help you get what you want out of your investment strategy.


Tenant Finding

We understand that property managers aren't for everyone. With the ever increasing prevalence of online advertising, finding good tenants has never been more difficult for private lessors. To that end, Real Estate Works can advertise for you, meticulously research and qualify your applicants using our stringent tenant screening and help you select the best possible tenants for your property for the low cost of just one weeks rent plus GST. A small cost for your peace of mind. And if you do decide to have us manage the property, we offer 3 months free management while you get to know us.


Our Services

Owning investment property shouldn't be complicated and it shouldn't be a chore. As well as selecting, monitoring and managing your tenants, Real Estate Works offers a wide range of services to take the stress and hassle out of owning investment property.

Below are just some of the things we can do to make your life a little easier at no additional cost to you.

Free Internet Advertising for Rentals
Free Internet Advertising for Sales
Free Rental Market Appraisals
Free Comparative Market Analysis if you're looking to sell or just want to check how your property is going
Free End of Year Statement
Management Escort with all prospective tenants (No keys are given out)
We can pay your expenses on your investment property from your rental income to keep it simple (including Repairs, Rates, Insurances, Body Corporate Fees....)
Organising Property Valuations
Free Lease Renewals
Stringent Tenant Screening
Electronic Disbursement at End Of Month
Free Electronic Disbursal at Mid-Month if required
Electronic Delivery of Statements & Invoices
Periodic Inspections (2-4 per year)
Organising Pest Control
Organising Termite Inspections
Organising Tradespeople
Free Water Meter Readings by Agent
No Court Costs
Free Monthly Newsletter


Just a few things that we can do so you don't have to. And if you're currently with someone else it's a great checklist to see if your current property manager is doing everything they can for you or if it's time for a change.





Do you know of someone that has an investment property on the Gold Coast? Get them to contact our office or give us their details and for every successful new management we bring on board we'll thank you for your faith in us by giving you 3 months free management on one of your properties. Your friend, as a new client, will also be eligible for 3 months free management.

As a benefit to those owner who have succeeded in obtaining multiple investment properties and wish to have us care for more than one of them, we are prepared to offer a reduced management rate to help you minimise your expenses and thank you for your loyalty.

Request a Free Rental Appraisal on a prospective purchase or check your property is working as hard for you as it can.

Whether you're selling, monitoring your equity, refinancing or just looking for advice on the market, feel free to request a Free Market Appraisal so we can help you assess your investment strategy.


Or For More Information Call - (07) 5526 3672